The Moon or Sun?

Hi guys I just came home from a long day of walking up and down the hills. It wasn’t easy defying gravity at all -.- Anyhow, guess what? I saw something really pretty and decided to show it to you guys even though the picture isn’t exactly clear That’s not the sun, it’s the moon. […]

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Spring is starting!!

Spring is here in the country I’m in and it’s my first time seeing it ❤ I’m not born here in New Zealand so I’m kind of happy just by seeing it 😀 I hope you can also appreciate the beauty of this season 🙂

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Birthday celebs

Okay so me and my friends are thinking of something to give to our birthday friend. And there were heaps of ideas like a new iPad case, iTunes card, balloons, bouquet, cupcakes, chocolates etc. and I agreed to them whole-heartedly, it’s just that I’m broke. So I’m thinking of just waiting until I’ve save up […]

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This is it :O

If you’re reading this right now our speech is just starting and I hope you wish me luck ^_^ If you’re curious about my speech I’ll give you very little detail: It’s a persuasive speech and the topic is “Why we shouldn’t let other people’s judgement cloud our decisions”

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